This is a collection of some of my work ranging from freelance to side projects.


Cinemark Gift Cards


During my internship at Cinemark I executed 6 different digital gift card designs. All of these designs are still in use on the company website. I formatted these designs to be printed or used as e-gift cards which people can send via email.

GC Photo.png

Personal Branding

Bae logo.png
Bae Business cards.png

Graduation Photography

Grad Photos-min.png

Poster Design

I was commissioned by the North Texas Performing Arts – Plano to create prop posters for their production of The Producers. These posters were used as part of the set design on stage to show the producer’s bad taste in musicals.


Book Cover Design

A commissioned digital book cover used to sell a digital book on a strategy to navigate the stock market through buying and selling using the price flow trading method. My client already knew exactly what he wanted so it was my job to simply execute his vision.



Vector art tidect.png