Scentsory strives to create a quick and easy way to find and learn about the scent that will help you most and fit with your preferences and lifestyle.



It can be a long and tedious process finding what scents work for you and your lifestyle. There are so many options and combinations to choose from.




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Packaging Prototypes


Apothecary bottle

To give the bottle a new aesthetic as well as more sustainable packaging I experimented with a glass corked bottle with a minimal paper strip around it for the label.

Packaging explained 1.png
Packaging explained 2.png
Packaging explained 3.png

App Design

App Mock Up.png
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Entering the App

Once you have your Scentsory blue tooth diffuser you are able to link it to the app, name it, and start browsing the oils that are included as a starter pack to fill all the cartridges in the diffuser.

app frames 1.png
app frames 2.png


You are able to browse and purchase scents based on the effect you would like the oil to have.

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The diffusion will start automatically once the button is pressed on the app. You are able to change diffusion settings and then continue browsing scents during.

app frames 8.png


You are able to set a timer for your diffuser that allows it to start diffusing a scent and time of your choosing. This way it can start diffusing on your drive home so you can walk into a relaxed and sweet smelling home after a long day.

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