Brand Strategy

Frozen Cave is a frozen yogurt shop located in San Marcos, TX and their goal is to provide a safe trendy environment for students to sit, hangout, and study, which the interior provides. After talking to the owner, employees, and people within their target audience there was a strong consensus of issues that needed to be addressed.


The current branding of the exterior, logo, and social media presence is very separated from the actual atmosphere of the local yogurt shop. They are also void of any online presence which is crucial given their target audience.


The goal of this re-brand is to reflect the warmth and trend of the interior to the outside world, give them an online presence, and create an advertising campaign, since currently they are dependent on word of mouth and foot traffic.

color palette1.png
color palette2.png




The cup utilizes white space the carry the minimalist feel of the brand. The branding really is shown in the spoon which includes the name on the center of the handle and the yogurt swirl icon made out of the end of the handle.


Business Card

The business cards were developed to convey the more modern elements of the brand. A simplified version of the mark is used on the back and negative space is utilized throughout.

buisness cards.png
crop Desktop webmockup.png
Desktop screen mock w shadow.png


A website is an essential part of any business now days but especially so if the target audience is young college students. The content of the site is limited to the basics of what people might want to know about the shop, but then also included an interactive element.

The owner expressed interest in always experimenting with new flavors so the idea developed of allowing the customers to contribute their own ideas for possible yogurt flavors.



Simplistic branded clothing is always a hit with a younger demographic, especially in a town where that is the majority such as San Marcos. It is also a great method of advertising and a way for patrons to support the shop.